Meet Jennifer and Jeric!

They are truly a wonderful couple of people! They are so kind and fun to be around. Their wedding was a delight in all aspects, and going through the photos of their amazing day makes me smile. I'm excited to share some of my favorite moments of their day with you!

Jennifer and Jeric were married along the Guadalupe River at a charming venue called The Perch Hall. All of the photos you will see were taken there.

Jennifer and Jeric also have beautiful twin girls! I loved incorporating their wedding day details and being able to capture moments of them getting ready with Jennifer.

Jennifer and Jeric decided to do a send off in a boat right after the ceremony. I think it worked out perfectly! They got a few minutes just to themselves before heading back to the reception.

This reception was so fun! When Jennifer's brother started flying around the dance floor with their 82 year old grandmother, I slightly felt concerned haha! But to my amazement, not only did this spunky woman keep up with him, she continued to dance the night away for HOURS. Like a teenager. I couldn't believe it! I think she inspired the other grandparents as well! I've never been to a reception where the grandparents danced as much as they did like at this one. It was great! And now they can all cherish these fun photos for years to come. That makes my heart happy.