This super sweet couple arrived to their session and let me know right away that getting photos taken might be a little awkward for them. I assured them it would be great, and not only were they fun to be around and wonderful to work with, I'm pretty certain they didn't feel awkward at all. On the other hand, I will always be awkward. I will do weird stuff at sessions. I get all excited and act a little nuts. I get super focused and back up without looking and trip over stuff. I say random things that come to me (then judge myself later). But you know what? I make it all work, and there are usually plenty of laughs to go around. I really love what I do. Ok, now let's get to these engagement photos!

I love laughing and love laughs in photographs. (That rhymed a little more than I would like it to).

Adding an outfit change into the mix!

Aren't they a lovely couple!? So much happiness!